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23.mai 2017 kl. 17:00: Fagfokus: Hvordan støtter du coachingnivået ditt etter endt utdanning!
Fordi en del profesjonelle coacher som er ferdig med sin coachutdanning opplever at kompetansenivået og motivasjon gradvis synker etter eksamen.

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TIPS: Det å bli bevisst sitt eget valg av fokus gjør noe med hvordan en takler stresset!

Tips fra Sissel Kristin Knutsen, Seniorkonsulent, Coop Kompetanse. Først litt om min motivasjon for å begynne på coachutdanning og hva det har betydd for meg i jobben. Jeg har hele min yrkeskarriere arbeidet med kompetanseutvikling og har følt jevnlig behov for kompetansepåfyll for å kunne fornye meg i jobben. I tillegg er jeg som person faglig nysgjerrig og søkende.  I løpet av de 4-5 siste årene før TASC, tok jeg ulike kurs innen coaching og bestemte meg så for at jeg ville gjennomføre TASC, etter å ha vært på et av minikursene.

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Business Transformed - What are the Questions?

Paul Gossen, Leadership Press, 2007
121 sider, engelsk

As an executive coach I witnessed time and time again the powerful transformative shift that would occur when my clients became clear on what they really wanted in their life and work. I also saw the powerful results they could produce when they had the accountability conversations required to put their plans into reality. This drew me to the field of organizational change where I was confronted by the first paradox:

Business cannot be changed.
Business can only be transformed.

Companies resist change. Organizational systems and procedures, by their nature inhibit change. When I first began conducting organizational change programs I was astonished by how little impact they had. No amount of training alone would seem to stick.

I kept returning to the power of questions. I know from me own experience that focused questions were the immutable force that powered business transformation. I also saw the power of questions everyday, as I worked with highly accomplished business leaders. They seemed to have an almost magical ability to generate relationship and galvanize action in a short conversation. I could see that there were essential elements of this conversation that had to had to be completed in a correct order.

For example, demanding accountability without first creating relationship would the disrupt the intended outcome of the conversation. We became more structured in refining these essential elements and distilled the 17 QuestionsTM that transform business. I continued my quest to refine a simple structure for business transformation and began offering the questions to managers, team leaders and executives to test. As the results came back, it became clear that having powerful breakthrough conversations is a simple skill that anyone can learn quickly and easily.

I began to get excited. What would a company look like if everyone had the ability to generate instant relationship, engage in breakthrough conversations and work with the highest level of accountability? What if we could distill these conversations down to their simplest form and put them in to a package that anyone could use to produce results instantly? What if we could create a breakthrough virus that could rapidly transmit this capability to everyone in an organization? The book you are holding in your hands is the virus. You have already been infected.
Business Transformed is very simple. Read the book and start by asking the “How are you?” question. The rest of the instructions are included. Let the Questions do the work. A relaxed and natural conversational tone is the key. Play with the questions and you cannot help but master them. Business transformation can only take place inside of powerful questions.  

Look at any highly successful business leader, any great manager, any blue chip sales person, any accomplished engineer or any acclaimed scientist. You will find a master in the art of breakthrough questions.

Look into any innovative product, any scientific breakthrough, any surge in business performance. Dig deeply and you will find that all it began with a breakthrough conversation.

Breakthrough questions have a distinctive signature. Paul Gossen and his coaching team conducted a comprehensive search for the everyday questions that executives, managers and team leaders use to build relationship, create accountability and drive breakthrough results. They examined the unproductive habits that block business transformation. They worked with hundreds of CEOs, executives and managers and conducted thousands of breakthrough conversations to refine 17 QuestionsTM that form a complete conversation that can transform any business.